6 Ways to Style The Pearl Drip Top & Dress

6 Ways to Style The Pearl Drip Top & Dress

Dive head first into the allure of our exquisite Pearl Drip Dress and Pearl Drip Mesh Collar Top – two timeless pieces that bring an ethereal charm to any occasion. Unleash your inner goddess as delicate pearls drip all over you, creating a mesmerizing sparkling effect with each spin you make and every step you take. Whether you're attending a soirée, a cocktail party, or a romantic dinner, this dress and mesh top combination effortlessly elevates your style to an enchanting level. Tell me, which style is you?

1: Princess Edition:

Feeing like royalty? If elegance, grace, and a touch of fantasy is your essence then you should opt for a crystal covered, bow-tied, pointed toe pump! Crystal-studded butterfly earrings keep the sparkle going, and a crystal tassel clutch adds more shine to your already bright light. Don't forget about the soft pink lip before you step out like Cinderella.

Pointed Toe Pump Crystal Embellished Minaudière
K.I.S.S.I.N.G Famously Pink Crystal Butterfly Earrings

2: Feeling Eclectic?

If you are a woman who is about embracing diversity and expressing yourself through a dynamic mix of patterns, prints and textures, then this look is for you. Stay bubbly with some added pearls to enhance your out of the box style.. A pair of embellished Jimmy Choo's, a stunning Cult Gaia clutch, and a pair of pearl drop earrings allow pearls to remain the main focus of this eclectic look. 

Sacaria Embellished Sandal Pearl Linear Drop Earrings
Nude Pink w/ Satin Finish The Bubble Acrylic Box Clutch

3: Sex Kitten:

If you're a mysterious woman who needs no attention but always seems to have eyes on you then less is usually more for someone who grabs the room the way you do. Strut your look in a pair of thin crystal ankle strap heels and a twist of black and silver earrings. Rub on a bold and dark red lip that say "Don't play with me" and a clutch that says you're about your business.

Credit Card Clutch K.I.S.S.I.N.G Night Crimson
Crystal Ankle Wrap Sandal Crystal Drop Earrings

5: Keeping it Classic:

Prefer to have the dress be the main attraction? Then keep it simple and monochrome with your style. A white pump with a crystal buckle embellishment allows you to keep your soft feminine energy alive while still complimenting the dresses stones and pearls and matching your ivory satin clutch. Can't choose between silver or gold jewelry? You don't have to with a Two-Tone Link Earring. Lastly, keep your lips soft and subtle with a light pink or clear gloss.

Link Earrings Crystal Buckle Pump
Satin Clutch Collagan Lip Bath Refresh Rose 

6: Romantic at Heart:

A romantic woman is someone whose essence and demeanor are infused with a deep appreciation for love, beauty, and emotional connection. Her personality, interests, and actions are often characterized by a dreamy and affectionate quality. Sound a lot like you? I suggest a soft bow aesthetic that is whimsical and freeing. These satin bow mules are a cozy statement shoe that just makes every step so fun. Pair it with a bow-shaped bag that serves as both a practical accessory and an additional nod to a romantic evening. Turn on your flirtatious charm with a pouty pink lip and tie it all together with a pair of dangly bow earrings with crystals that will catch the light from the candles at your favorite romantic restaurant.

Cream Satin Bow Mule  Limitless Lucky Lips Spice Bloom
Mirabelle Earrings Cream Satin Bow Crossbody


Which look was your favorite? Should we do style edits more often? Share your thoughts below!


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