Embrace Autumn with Wildly Sustainable Denim

Embrace Autumn with Wildly Sustainable Denim

Autumn is knocking on our doors, and it's the perfect time to switch up our wardrobe essentials. When it comes to chilly weather fashion, denim stands as a timeless choice. The Kenya Denim Set effortlessly blends fashion and comfort for the season with a trendy leopard pattern, an oversized silhouette, and a fully exposed back allowing you to feel the autumn breeze.


What is deadstock denim?

In short, it is the excess fabric that is left over from previous production runs or discontinued collections. Most times, it often would go unused and possibly end up in landfills. By utilizing deadstock denim to create the Kenya Denim collection, We are doing our part in reducing waste, lessening the demand for new denim production, and contributing to a more eco-friendly and sustainable fashion industry.

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With a limited quantity of 54 in stock, we can proudly say that each piece in this denim collection is crafted with attention to detail and with the highest quality standards, aligning with our commitment to producing classic and durable pieces that are meant to last. We highly encourage a slower and more thoughtful approach to fashion consumption, promoting the idea of investing in fewer but higher-quality clothing that can be worn for years down the line.

The Comfiest Denim Set Ever

Our soft and stretchy denim guarantees comfort and style. The oversized silhouette of the Kenya Denim shirt gives you a relaxed and laid-back look that is suitable for any occasion. The classic denim shorts with a wild twist, the Kenya Denim Shorts can be paired with the shirt to create a matching set! Whether you need to dress casual or dress up a bit more, the Kenya Denim set provides versatility to fit your fashion needs! Read below on some of our suggested accessories to pair your new go-to denim set!

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How to Style

Kenya Denim Shirt | Muehleder Kenya Denim Shorts | Muehleder
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