Chasing The Sun: Shop Winter Vacation Looks

Chasing The Sun: Shop Winter Vacation Looks

Embarking on a chic birthday odyssey to the sun-kissed shores of Greece, pose coach & model mentor Keenyah celebrated her birthday in style with the exquisite designs of Muehleder. Get ready to be captivated by Keenyah's pose and style as we unveil her three breathtaking Muehleder looks! Let the queen of pose become your inspiration.

Fringe W/ Benefits Swim Top in Lemon

Basking in the sunny vibes of Muehleder's Fringe w/ Benefits Swim Top in Lemon, (On Sale Now) Keenyah turns the beach into her runway. With fringe dancing from her collarbone to her waist, and those four straps forming the sweetest bows on her back, she's like a summer dream. Taking a swim top and styling it for everyday. You can be ready for anything if you carry your Boni Bikini Bottom or the Eko Scuba Shorts with you in your purse. 


 Hey there! Can you keep track of all the fabulous poses Keenyah pulled off in this video?

Heather Halter Top & Abi Hot Shorts in Red

Sailing into style, Keenyah steals the sea breeze in Muehleder's Heather Halter Top and Abi Hot Shorts in Red. This enchanting piece features a square neckline that gracefully flares out from the waist, forming a flattering A-line shape and accentuated by the allure of the exposed back. Crafted from the softest neoprene, the top ensures it holds its shape while Keenyah embraces the movement and flow of the ocean wave.


Ahoy there! Keenyah steals the show on the seas in Heather Halter Top in Red.

Abi Shirt in Kelly Green

Strolling along the beach, Keenyah brings a pop of color to the shoreline in Muehleder's Abi Shirt and Abi Hot Shorts in Kelly Green. This versatile piece features five buttons that invite a relaxed vibe or a clean & preppy look when buttoned up. The three layered panels of the open back sway with her every step against the backdrop of the beach.

Dive into pure beachside bliss – catch Keenyah's adorable walk in the Kelly Green Abi Shirt.

Pair your Abi Shirt with ancient Greek-style sandals like Keenyah! And here are some more recommendations for your next holiday.

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Where to Find Keenyah

Instagram: @keenyah.hill


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