More About Our Practices

Where are your clothes made?

All of our clothes are designed from sketch to creation in Downtown Brooklyn. The pattern is then sent to the garment district in Midtown Manhattan where the manufacturing process takes place. After the pieces are made and individually inspected, they are delivered back to our Brooklyn Studio to be personally hand packaged and shipped to you.

How are your clothes priced?

Our pieces are made in small quantities to assure quality and exclusivity. We employ people who test the fabrics, zippers, buttons and other materials for longevity to ensure that your Muehleder piece lasts you years to come. Most of the colors we carry are custom made by our designer, Larissa Muehleder and ordered just for Muehleder. This much attention to detail ensures that you are purchasing an exclusive and dependable garment. 

When comparing pieces, the prices will vary depending on how detailed the piece is and how much fabric is being used.

Why are there different prices for the same item but in another color or size?

When items sell out we still make them available for purchase but for the full price. It can no longer be on sale because we hire a highly skilled seamstress to come into our studio and make that item just for you. The plus side is that you can make minor adjustments to the fit or length should you choose to. Simply leave your request in your notes.

Do we ship internationally?

We ship world-wide baby!

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