The Studio - Where Designs Come To Life


My name is Rosa and I am the marketing assistant here at Muehleder. Ever wondered where your clothes are designed? Allow me to take you on a quick tour around our cozy Brooklyn Studio, where you get to see all the magic unravel behind the scenes. This is where we produce our products, from concept creation to final execution. Every step of the design process is done carefully to ensure that the garments you receive have the perfect fit and are made of the best fabrics, threads, zippers, and more.

So, what gets designer Larissa Muehleder and her assistants started on a typical day?

You see, we believe in setting the mood to get those creative juices flowing. We're not talking about that one-way crush up in this studio, we're talking about a strong mutual relationship. In order to create designs that you will love, we have to love creating them. So how do we go about that?

1. Hardworking, cool colleagues

2. Good Music (Everybody takes turns picking what they want to vibe to) #Spotify

3. Inspo Is Everything. Something inspires you? Slap it on the wall, on the table, or make it your computer screen saver. Take out the sticky notes and write some confidence boosting words. And slap that on everything! You can see in the picture that we have pages ripped out of magazines under the glass on the table and all over the walls.

Now that the chill creative vibe is set, and the hardworking cool colleagues are boosting with confidence, we get to work.  

Lots and lots of work go on here. It gets pretty messy, but it's a good mess; sketches and collages strewn about, colorful fabrics everywhere, rivers of threads mingling with each other. It's like that scene in Cinderella when the birds and mice make her the ball gown. Eventually, Cinderella had her fairy godmother, who could spin a wand to make any dress she wanted. We are very interested in that by the way. Not the fairy godmother because everyone who works here is strong and independent, so just the wand. Please give us a call if you know where we can get that. It'll really help us cut down on production costs!

Last on our tour is this little room, which is one of the most important rooms to work in. This is where we have your orders beautifully wrapped into personalized packages to be shipped out to you! 

Made with love. From us, to you. 


Rosa Chen