We Thought 2020 Was Canceled But It Has Set Us Up For Change!

We Thought 2020 Was Canceled But It Has Set Us Up For Change!

We were all met with devastating shock, followed by palpable anger and then left with a hollowing sadness over the multiple events that have transpired, but because of our relentless call for justice for #AhmaudArbery #BreonnaTaylor & #GeorgeFloyd all 50 states plus 18 countries have untied to participate in #BackLivesMatter protests making it the largest civil rights movement in history. Now, what's next? There is no better time than now to start working on the change you want to see in this nation. Below are different IG posts & people who can be saved & shared as it applies to you, your friends, family, and your new-found purpose. 

1) Keep The Conversation Going

If you are an ally, continue the conversation and help enlighten everyone around you. It is not enough not to be racist, you must be anti-racist and therefore stand against it at all times. Document it in your workplace and call it out at every chance. Gone are the days where people are comfortable sharing their hatred. Let everyone know, you will not stand in the presence of it. Below are books and films you can share with those who want to learn more.

To Watch:

13th (2016) - Netflix

I Am Not Your Negro (2017) - Amazon Prime

Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap - Netflix

When They See Us - Netflix

To Read:

Stamped From The Beginning

White Fragility

- More Book Options

2) #BuyBlack

The African-American buying power is over $1 Trillion a year! Now imagine if we just re-invested our spending power into black neighborhoods, restaurants, and brands. That book you want to purchase may not be a black author, but buy it from a black bookstore. Those Nike kicks aren't black-owned but that sportswear store down the block is. Perhaps don't go to the Wholefoods for that birthday cake, but instead look-up a black-owned bakery. Get my point?

Start with your essential products like toothpaste and detergent and then for everything else google if there is a black-owned version of what you need. Do the research to support these black-owned businesses and together we can make them as big as Amazon-- giving them the power to invest in uplifting the black communities and important initiatives. 

WeBuyBlack.com - Largest Black-Owned Market Place 

“Every time you spend your money, I would argue you’re voting,” said Kristian Henderson, the founder of BLK + GRN, a marketplace in Washington, D.C., selling all-natural products made by black artisans. “You’re voting on what companies are successful and what companies aren’t." - New York Times

And after buying black, start supporting black restaurants and bars at least one weekend a month and motivate everyone you know to do the same. You got this!

3) Follow Organizations That Motivate You

Get to know what form of media speaks to you best and subscribe or follow. Below are three non-profit organizations that I have started following for more updates. 




4) Help #DefundThePolice

The government spends billions of dollars on funding the police and therefor other areas like healthcare and education are severely deprived. Take away their funding so we can create a new justice system that is better trained to protect the people. No money, no power! 

HBO's Insecure Actor and Civil Rights Advocate @Kendrick38 is a great person to follow for updates on this important cause. 

Non-Profit Organizations including Campaign Zero are at the forefront of this initiative with #8CantWait. A call to action that asks you to demand change from your mayor. Click below for step by step details.

Fabulously Influentialial Black Women to follow:





He can be pretty intense but you won't miss a black beat by following @ShaunKing.

5)  Rest As Hard As You Fight

After signing all the petitions, making all the texts, and sending all the emails, make sure to tune out and take moments for your self daily to be mindful of your mental health. -- 3 Self-Care steps by @IvyCoco23



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