Loving All Mom's Near & Far - Muehleder & WWD

Loving All Mom's Near & Far - Muehleder & WWD

Sunday is Mother’s Day in the U.S and although many unfortunately won’t be able to visit their mothers this year due to the pandemic-enforced lockdowns and self-quarantine, WWD wanted to mark the day by asking designers to send a photo of their mothers and provide some of their favorite memories. I couldn’t pick one story so I decided to tell the story of my mother's perseverance and strength which made me the woman I am today. Click the Here for the full story.


Larissa Muehleder - Margaret Muehleder - Dakar, Senegal '95

More than my memories what stay with me every day are the valuable lessons embedded in me consistently. They truly mold how I make decisions and my perspective on life.  Please comment your favorite quote form your mom! Here are just 3 that come to mind.

  1. “You can’t always win.” This is the most recent piece that she shared with me a week ago. The concept of not always working for what's in my best interest “winning” is new to me and she was explaining that having your way may not always be the best for you in the long run. In this case, I could either force the outcome I desired and consequently burn bridges along the way or I could choose to be submissive and lose out financially in order to hold on to a lifelong friendship. I chose friendship.

    Larissa Muehleder - Margaret Muehleder - Lagos, Nigeria '96

  2. “Life is like your fingers. They are not all cut equal.” This gem was shared when I first started my business and I would complain about how far ahead some other designers had gotten in a much shorter amount of time. My mom sat me down and spread her fingers to explain that no matter how successful someone is, it is not my place to judge them or compare them to myself. They have their own journeys, obstacles, and starting points. Like our fingers that are all different lengths and sizes, people are as well. You won’t know their whole story but what you do know is your own story and you should focus on that.
  3. “Be good to people because even if they’re not good to you, the blessings will come back to you in other ways and even carry down to your children.” That’s my favorite one. I truly believe that I am blessed because of the kindness of my mother and I like the idea that my children will also endure that kind of “right place at the right” time luck and positive spirit I find myself in all the time. #PassDownYourBlessings

    Margaret Muehleder - Larissa Muehleder - Brooklyn, New York 2016


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