This Skirt Went Viral!

This Skirt Went Viral!

Viral moments on the Internet can happen at any time and for any reason. But, imagine our shock and delight when we discovered that our girl Brandi (@graffitiface on IG) made a little viral moment of her own … and in our Nessa Skirt! Seriously, consider us ticked pink! (Pun intended.)

For those of you who’ve already seen the clever video on our brand’s Insta, allow me to quickly recap. Brandi struts into the frame, wearing nothing but a towel with a cup of tea in hand. Then, Insta magic ensues and as she looks in the mirror, poof, she’s dressed and ready to slay the day!

In the video, peep how Brandi pairs the blushing Nessa Skirt with a tucked-in white, long-sleeve turtleneck sweater. The ‘fit’s completed with a pair of floral-printed pumps and a long coat to match. All in all, it’s très chic and flirty; a perfect way to add a dash of spring fever into the current cold, dreary winter. 

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Check out how our friend steps out in style while rocking the blush Nessa Skirt. Her 'fit is complete with some black and gold pieces, so it's clear the mermaid skirt is rightfully the star of the show. Between her black halter top, clutch, edgy heels, and large sunnies, we're getting superstar vibes. Then, the look's finished off with some gold baubles.

No tea to spill here! These ladies look absolutely fabulous in the blush Nessa and matching accessories.

All in the Name of Self-Care 

If you’re digging the look, once you piece together your own signature styling of the Nessa Skirt, make a cuppa, and share your best looks with us. Here’s a list of some teas to stay relaxed on a Sunday to fight off any #sundayscaries.

  • Peppermint tea is often used to combat anxiety, frustration, and fatigue. This all-natural Twinings of London version can certainly do the trick.
  • I mean, chamomile is practically a synonym for calm at this point. So, grab a brew of this eco-friendly, organic FGO option.
  • Lavender, in addition to being one of our favorite scents, also helps to stabilize your mood and relieve anxiety when ingested. Try making a cup with these Eat Well Premium Foods tea leaves when you need to relax and indulge in a bit of self-care.
  • Another helpful tea type when you need a little pamper sesh would definitely be green tea. You can use this Numi Organic Tea to make a delicious and calming mug-full to help reduce anxiety.
  • The use of roses have long helped users to relax, whether by smell or in a drink. Make a cup of these Taylors of Harrogate tea bags when you need to unwind.


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