Skylar Marshai Showcases Unreleased Muehleder Set

Skylar Marshai Showcases Unreleased Muehleder Set

Georgia-born, Brooklyn transplant, Skylar Marshai, is a true Renaissance woman who has captivated us with the art of storytelling, making her the perfect person to debut our unreleased electric orange two-piece set. The look is so new it is yet to be named, but that didn’t stop her followers from going crazy over the eccentric ensemble.

This set establishes the ideal mix of flirty femininity and sex appeal. The mini skirt and long sleeve bra appears as if they were thrown into a mosh pit of bows that just so happen to stick; making a cartoon-like aesthetic that has never been seen before. 

The content creator, storyteller, and creative strategist styled the look with a pair of denim light blue Steve Madden kitten heels. Her silver Knature shoulder bag plays into the silver hardware on the heel as well as her jewelry. The edgy chain necklace and gothic denim pointed-toe heels mixed with the striking yet girly set provides a unique twist on what is to be seen in fashion this Fall.


Bradi Denim Fabric Heels|Steve Madden Fruta Agua Ring|Simuero


His & Hers
A coordinated couple: Skylar’s boyfriend, Temitope, matches her fit with his bright red Zara pants and red Supevsn trucker hat. How cute are these two? We love to see an effortlessly stylish couple come together in the name of fashion.   



Muehleder for the Adventurous Woman

“Home is no longer a single destination but everywhere in the world you’ve ever picked up a piece of yourself. If you travel, you know how to be present. To live your life in more than one place and to soak it in so deeply that it alters who you are.” - Skylar Marshai

Within the avenue of her content creation, Skylar has ventured to define her own unique sense of style using the artistic eye she very clearly has - I mean just look at her Instagram feed. As a social strategist, Skylar works alongside many brands whose dreams she turns into a reality. She has the ability to materialize things that were once only ideas of the brands she works with. Additionally, she is an avid jet-setter and hopes that the stories she tells through her travels motivates her audience to get out there as well. As a hopeful world-traveler myself, watching Skylar inspires me to think big when it comes to seeking adventure.



“Muehleder is for the adventurous woman. I like to think that my designs are like a uniform for your remarkable journey to self expression at any destination.” - Larissa Muehleder.

Skylar's Ode to BIPOC Designers
As a proud Black woman (Yes, Skylar likes to use a capital B - as she should!) in the space of content creation, Skylar works with The Creative Collective, a community dedicated to Black creatives. We love that throughout her content, she is dedicated to showcasing looks from Black-owned brands. Her journey as a Black woman in the space of content creation and fashion is an inspirational one and is a strong reason as to why she is the perfect person to unveil our new electric orange set.
Everything she does is done with the intention of authenticity and it shows. There is no one better to rock this new look. Introducing The Electric Orange Look #5: Coming soon! 


Where to Find Skylar:

Instagram: @skylarmarshai 



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