Nadiya Khan | New Orleans Girl Next Door Turned NYC Model

Nadiya Khan | New Orleans Girl Next Door Turned NYC Model

At Muehleder we believe in the empowerment of women who are striving towards great accomplishments. I was introduced to Nadiya Khan at a girlfriend's birthday outing where we immediately complimented each others outfits, scoped out all the cute guys and got busy on the dance floor. We stayed in touch and when she was back in town I asked her to brunch and was really impressed by her work outside of modeling. Her stealth and grace is something I've admired ever since and once you've read the Q&A you will know why. Strength, optimism and genuity make up a #MueQueen and Nadiya does not lack in any of the above, plus she's stunning!

muehleder black cape dress nadiya khan

October 16, 1991
I've always had a difficult time answering this question....Indian, Irish, German, Sotho 
Johannesburg, South Africa & New Orleans, USA 
What's one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I have a degree in political science and African/Middle Eastern history with a concentration in international and homeland security.
What do you see in your future will be your greatest accomplishment? 
The children's foundation, I Am Hope, my mother helped me created in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, that focuses on feeding and clothing children in impoverished areas, as well as educating the local population on the HIV/Aids virus. It's still in its developing stages but I know with perseverance and the right guidance we'll be able to help and educate those less fortunate. 
What does confidence mean to you?
An understanding and respect of ones own self. Love the body you're in and don't be afraid to show exactly who you are.
What is your favorite hip hop quote?
"I was a terror since the public school era
Bathroom passes, cuttin classes, ..."
What is your favorite fattening meal to indulge in?
I love baking! You'll find me eating a double chocolate cake with fresh caramel icing quite often. 
When do you feel you are your most sexiest self? 
A few minutes after I wake up from a long and good nights rest. 
How did wearing the Muehleder pieces make you feel?
Wearing Muehleder pieces accentuates inner beauty and grace. I felt confident and comfortable in my own skin. 

black cape dress nadiya khan

Thoughts on her style? Want to know more on a questio she asked? Leave a comment and we'll ask her. Also, follow her on IG @NadiyaKhan


Photographer: Eric Taylor @EtFoto

Makeup: Jess Wenhardt @pinup_barbiedoll

Hair: Angelo Canales @AngeloStyles

Stylist: Larissa Muehleder @MuehlederbyLarissa

Big Thanks to Sam from 3NY! Love You babe!


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