Muehleder in Times Square is an Iconic Closing to 2021!

Muehleder in Times Square is an Iconic Closing to 2021!

It's December 10th and designer Larissa Muehleder has the biggest grin on her face and it's not just because it's Friday. She is on her way to seeing the first Muehleder billboard go live on the most famous ad space in the world! I'm talking about Times Square baby! People travel far and wide to visit this iconic space but for Larissa, it means so much more. Read below her sentiments on this iconic moment.

— "In high school, where I touched my first sewing machine, after school my friends and I would walk from 24th street up 7th Ave all the way to 42nd street just for the fun of it, before we headed home. We’d look up and point at the billboards we’d dream to see ourselves on one day. To be standing here and looking up at my name 10 years later is a feeling I can’t put into words. This is amazing!"

"I'm even more amazed when I recall that I grew up right on this Avenue! I remember being a kid and holding my moms hand as we walked through Times Square to catch a movie at the AMC theatre. I was 14 when I waited on line at Virgin Records just to have Chris Brown sign my copy of his debut album. I was 16 when I went on my first date at Planet Hollywood and checked out all of the famous memorabilia of Micheal Jackson and Beyonce. Both of these businesses have been replaced by a Forever 21 and a Sunglass Hut but as I stand here looking up at my billboard that is right above where those two memorable moments in my life took place, I would have never thought that 10 years later I'd be seeing my name above it. I urge you to never give up on your passion and to always dream bigger than you think you are capable of. If you can picture it, then it's achievable. God wouldn't give you the vision, without the power to get there."

Larissa wore the On My Block Sweatshirt in forrest with a pair of thigh high leather boots by Wandler. She kept her hair up in a ponytail to show off the raw scoop collar and vintage gold earrings. Shop her look here.

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