WHAT DO COLORS SAY ABOUT YOU? The Ins & Outs of #Colorology

WHAT DO COLORS SAY ABOUT YOU? The Ins & Outs of #Colorology

As you browse around our site searching for the best pieces for your fanciest occasions, streetwear style, or a selfie mirror post, you’ll notice that each piece comes in an assortment of bright colors. Red, Olive, Black, Mango, Green, Blush, Blue, White: There are just so many to choose from!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I shop, I tend to pick garment colors based on my mood, which will suit my complexion, or which matches the given season. What about you? Just ask designer Larissa Muehleder, who shared her meaning over color meanings over on IGShe discussed how to her red represents boldness, passion, and a fiery spirit, while olive is calming with a stealthy focus, and black is pure strength. Don’t worry if you’re a bit lost over all these color meanings; we’re here to help get it all sorted.

The idea of color psychology, or colorology, studies the meaning of different hues, what each shade represents, and how it correlates to our moods and feelings. Keep reading as we break down the colorology of all the latest shades you can find Mue garments in. That way, when you’re shopping next, you never have to agonize over which color you should order that top in again (even though “all” is a totally valid response!).


According to Psychologia.co, the bright and warm hue is used to evoke strong emotions and often known as the “color of love.” In terms of fashion, red is often seen as empowering, and that’s one of the reason we can’t get enough of red 'fits. Just check out our girl Natasha rocking the new Catch Up Vinyl Leggings and Shimmy Crystal Drip Top in this new brand color.

Blush Pink

There’s nothing like being pretty in pink! According to Verywell Mind, the blush hue is known for its romantic, nurturing, and kind symbols. Due to those associations, we typically see the color as quite feminine and calming. Many even see pink in particular as a joyful or creative shade. Just peep our girl Kelsey’s monochromatic moment in the Vinyl Leggings and layered Cassandra Cross Back Flare Top. Feel all of that feminine and romantic vibes coming through? Yes, me too.


Psychologia calls the color green a symbol of nature and health, and therefore, it’s regarded as calming, refreshing, and easy for the eye. Other explanations reveal it’s quite a sentimental color that represented wearers who are friendly, determined, and balanced. Peep our girl’s Signature Slashed Sweatshirt paired over her matching emerald-green dress and black accessories, a look that’s bright and definitely pleasing to the eye.


While those meanings of typically brighter shades of green focus on nature and calmness, the color olive (one of our new offerings!) has a slightly different meaning. Sources say that olive is quite the traditional color for peace (as in offering an olive branch), but also note its strength to help overcome adversity. For all the natural peacemakers, check out how our friend Nkenge paired the matching olive Catch Me Top, Vinyl Leggings, and Signature Bandit Mask with a black handbag, black strappy heels, and a tangle of gold baubles. 

Which color is totally your type? We can’t wait to see how you bring these hues to life in your best Muehleder looks! Tag @MuehlederLabel to be featured on our page!



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