Claire Sulmers Bares a High Slit in a Bold Yellow Muehleder Dress

Claire Sulmers Bares a High Slit in a Bold Yellow Muehleder Dress

Over the Memorial weekend Claire Sulmers, of hit online blog @FashionBombDaily, showed us what spring fashion is all about in her Muehleder All Night Dress.

She chose the bright yellow to stand out at her Harvard reunion, where she accessorized with a Balmain Blazer, Gucci Buckle Sandals and multi colored aviator shades by Rayban.

Claire has been one of our most loyal supporters for the past four years so I can deffinitely give you some tips on how she stays so fabulous. First of all, Claire is very self aware a of what works for her body and she likes to enhance her favorite attributes which are her legs. She is always happy to show them off and she doesn't mind a bit of cleavage as well.

However, Claire is very modest, so much so that she imagines what her mother might think before wearing a "risky" outfit. I'm sure this is something that we can all relate to. In order to make sure that her bust is always secured and comfortable she wears the perfect undergarment for every look. You can't see it here but she is actually wearing a strapless bra! I've left some recommendations below so you can nail this look as well! Being able to wear what you love and making sure it looks right on you with the proper undergarment is key to nailing every fashion moment.
Suggested Bra's For Larger Busts:
If you have a smaller cup, I recommend a silicon bra or "chicken cutlet" to add shape to your bust. Backless Silicone Shaping Adhesive Cups - $26.00
Claire is wearing a size 14, which we made just for her. If you'd like one as well, you can leave your measurments at checkout and recieve your dress in 3-5 business days.
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