Touchdown In Miami: Shop Muehleder in Wynwood!

Touchdown In Miami: Shop Muehleder in Wynwood!

This story started in October 2019 when I took a trip to Miami to enjoy all the beautiful creative talent Art Basel had to offer. As soon as I landed, my first event was at an eccentric multi-boutique style shop in Wynwood, Miami. I was invited by our friends at WWD and didn't know what to expect but upon arrival I knew immediately it was going to be interesting.

 To start, Dwyane Wade was at the entrance towering over his conversation, and there was a bustling crowd of fashion enthusiasts of all ages and ethnicities with cocktails in hand as they admired the designs the boutique had to offer.

I was perusing a collection of home decor when I heard "Oh my, this is fabulous!" To my surprise, the snazzy white middle aged man with thick black opticals was talking to me. "You must meet my wife! She will love this!" he said as he took my hand. Of course, he was referring to my outfit. I wore the Signature Scuba Bow Top and matching Signature Leggings with my favorite YSL patent leather booties and blazing red hair to match. I honestly couldn't blame him for noticing.

He called for his wife but before she appeared, a woman with long blonde dreads tied up in a bun and a sick camo jacket was passing us by so he stopped her and introduced us. Little did I know that she was co-owner of the shop alongside Dwyane Wade. Her name is Calyann Barnett.

A month passed and one day I received the photos below in my email with an invitation to reconnect when Calyann would be visiting New York. We met at my studio in Brooklyn on a random Thursday evening and she placed her order on the spot!

The Shop In Pop-Up Shop

Calyann's career dates back to styling celebrities and athletes including Dwyane Wade. Working with a trail blazing black woman is always a no-brainer and so I'm excited to announce our collaboration which launched on Juneteenth! The pop-up will be open until July 19th so hurry and check out your favorite styles including some never before seen unreleased pieces like the one below. 




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