Misty Copeland Wears Muehleder As She's Honored in NYC

Misty Copeland Wears Muehleder As She's Honored in NYC


Ballet star Misty Copeland dons Muehleder’s Pearl Drip Dress and Jada Mesh Top whilst being honored at the Leading Women Defined summit for her achievements as the first African-American principal ballet dancer at the American Ballet Theatre in New York City. Leading Women Defined is a foundation founded by Debra L. Lee with a mission to recognize and support black leadership in all avenues.

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Copeland was honored for not just achieving milestones in her ballet career, but for her published works. She is also known as an author with her best-selling memoir, Life in Motion, written about her journey to become one of the world's most groundbreaking ballet dancers in history and her debut illustration book, Firebirdwhich tells the story of a young girl breaking through her fragile self-esteem to follow her own passions. 


Alongside her published works, Misty was acknowledged for her continuous philanthropic work as she devotes her time to mentor youth about the art and passion of dance through many charitable organizations such as “The Misty Copeland Foundation,” an organization, founded by Misty herself, with a mission to broaden the diversity, inclusion and equity in the dancing community. Copeland has also shown her philanthropic efforts through multiple brand sponsors, most famously her “I Will What I Want” campaign with Under Armour as well as through public figures such as President Barack Obama appointing Copeland on the President’s council for Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. 

Muehleder’s mission to embody women empowerment through fashion and self-expression continues on. Misty captures this aesthetic with the essence of elegance, by adding a shimmering touch of scattered jewels as seen on the Pearl Drip Dress which she paired with the Jada Mesh Top. Copeland’s shoes, exclusively designed by New York based stylist Kah Li Haslam, are bedazzled open-toe heels with bows added to the back for drama! 

Muehleder’s purpose continues to support and pave the way for young black women and women of color to achieve their own excellence whilst looking good. Dressing women like Misty Copeland, are the epitome of our purpose, as they are wearing it proudly and of course, beautifully! Want to shop Misty's look? Scroll and click the links below to shop. 





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