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Muehleder has a signature style that is easily recognizable due to the sculpting of Neoprene to create voluminous women's wear. The brand is the creative make-up of a Hamburg born, Nigerian/Austrian immigrant who grew up in the Brooklyn 90’s. As an only child who spoke through gap teeth with a heavy accent, and thick multi-colored glasses, the designer quickly found that style was the best ice breaker into making new friends. This idea has blossomed in Muehleder where a dress can spark a conversation with a new life long friend. 


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”I design for those who lead with a smile and strut with a purpose. Muehleder is for people who live for a grand entrance and have no problem taking up space in clothing that says, ‘Look at me.’” - Larissa Muehleder

Reducing the wasteful impact the fashion industries has on the environment is important to us, which is why Muehleder contributes fewer collections than most brands. We believe that quality trumps quantity. Muehleder is 100% designed in Brooklyn, manufactured in New York City and directly shipped to you. The fabrics are made to insure longevity and excess fabrics are donated to design students in the city.

Muehleder is an FIT Design Entrepreneur Finalist, was named a Brand to Bookmark by InStyle and has been worn by influencers and celebrities including Issa Rae, Cardi B, Ashley Tisdale, Normani, and Zendaya. 

Muehleder is currently exclusively sold online at, and in 3NY Boutiques.

Keep Up With The Designer: @GirlInTheWhiteGlasses

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