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History of Muehleder

”I design for those who lead with a smile and strut with a purpose. Muehleder is for people who live for a grand entrance and have no problem taking up space in clothing that says, ‘Look at me!’”
 - Larissa Muehleder 

Muehleder is a contemporary, streetwear-inspired brand owned and designed by Larissa Muehleder. A woman who’s early childhood bounced between Nigeria, Austria, Senegal, and Paris until finally finding roots in Brooklyn, New York.  The self-titled brand has a signature style that is easily recognizable due to its unique sculpting of Neoprene to create voluminous cocktail dresses, and high end athleisure wear. As a child who spoke through gap teeth with a multicultural accent, and thick multi-colored glasses, the designer quickly found that her personal style was the most comfortable way to connect with her new classmates. This idea has blossomed in Muehleder where a dress can spark a conversation with a lifelong friend.

The line launched in 2014, and the collection is known for its use of neoprene fabrication -- most often found in scuba diving suits -- in unexpected ways, including feminine shapes with flare and volume, bold exposed zippers, pops of color and intricate lace fabric overlays and trim. Muehleder is able to use Neoprene in a casual everyday way because of the design of their signature neoprene fabrication that feels as gentle as cotton and stretches like nylon, but has no insulation lining; leaving every piece lightweight and breathable for an easy to wear yet bold aesthetic.  


After years of visiting countless boutiques in attempts to be picked up as a new brand, designer Larissa Muehleder stepped into 3NY on Broome Street in Soho, New York, where a lie would alter her life forever.

As the eager 20 year old displayed her array of polka-dot silk tops to the unimpressed store owner she began to question her talents, until the owner asked about the babydoll dress she had on. “What is this? Did you make this? I would buy this!” he said through an Eastern European accent. Larissa looked down at her dress, quickly analyzed it and confidently responded “Yes! How many would you like?” She then rushed out with a 30 dress order in hand to figure out how she was going to make the dress that was in fact from her mom's closet.

The dress was vintage and made of a stiff fabric that featured a floral brocade and although she loved the shape it held, the fabric had no stretch to it and was so tight around her rib cage that she could barely breathe when seated. She thought, “How can I make this the same, but better? 

In the forgotten back corner of a fabric store in Midtown, Manhattan Larissa stumbled upon a fabric that felt soft like cotton, stretched like nylon and was thick enough to sculpt distinctive silhouettes. The store clerk called it Neoprene. She purchased yards of it in beige and then layered a lace nylon fabric over it to create an A-Line dress that was feminine, bold, bright and picked up by 35 boutiques around the world. 

Since then Muehleder has been worn by hundreds of women including Issa Rae, Cardi B, Ashley Tisdale, Angela Simmons, Justine Skye, Tiwa Savage, Normani, and Zendaya. As well as countless publications including Vogue, WWD,  InStyle, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Self, HypeBae, The Coveteur and on Beyonce’s Black Parade!

Muehleder is 100% designed in Brooklyn by Larissa Muehleder, who makes all the samples and oversees the brands production in New York City. The fabrics are made to insure longevity and excess fabrics are donated to design students in New York City.