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Hi! Larissa Muehleder, here. I am the designer of Muehleder a brand that specializes in the use of Neoprene to create pieces with flare and volume. We’re based in New York where I’ve called home since ‘99, though my mom was born and raised in Nigeria and my father in Austria. Being bi-racial has always felt like being split between two worlds and designing was an outlet for me to create my own. I started designing prom dresses when I was sixteen and now being over a decade later I’m so honored to still be doing what I love.

I present to you “JUNCTION” Collection 11.21 which is named after Flatbush Junction, an imperative crossing point where I used to run across everyday growing up in Brooklyn. It connected me to the city because it was the first and last stop in my neighborhood that transported me to the High School of Fashion Industries where my design journey began and has led me to bringing this collection to you.

Thank you, always. Enjoy!