The Love Story We All Need Amidst The Chaos

The Love Story We All Need Amidst The Chaos

A few weeks ago I received a DM from a first-time shopper named Winsome about a dress that had been sold out since last Summer. We've gotten to be too busy to do made to order pieces; so unless you're a ten times returning VIP customer, a made-to-order request will most likely be denied. Yet still, Winsome was obsessed with this dress and wanted it for her wedding day. Knowing Larissa (our designer) is a sucker for a love story, I sent her our DM's, and she approved the request right away.

I was thrilled but the dress was cutting close to the deadline! With the crackdown of Corona, the dress almost wasn't made in time but luckily we got it overnighted just in time for Winsome to catch her flight to Jamaica!

Yesterday, I received a joyful DM from Winsome, and it was the pick me up I needed. I thought I should share it with you and some questions I asked her about her journey to the alter. I knew the details would be juicy and I was right!


1 ) How did the two of you meet? 

We met at my job. We were having a promotion and we needed customers to take a photo with some props in the store. He came up to pay a bill and since I remember him as a pleasant customer I decided to ask him. He declined and said he needed to go home and get cleaned up since he was just coming off of the night shift. He asked that I give him my number to arrange for the pics. He never came back but he called to say he didn't get my name and the rest was history. 

 2 ) Haha! Smooth. How’d you decide on where to get married?

I know I wanted a beach setting and Negril, Jamaica was top of the list. We found the most adorable and romantic spot with the most beautiful sunsets in the world.


3 ) Sounds amazing! How long did it take you to find a dress? 

I knew I wanted the “Made You Look Dress” before he proposed!!!!! It was so cute but sexy, classy but sultry and alluring. I've been eyeing it for two years. We got engaged last September and I knew I had to get it even if it was out of stock!

4 ) Awww, I admire your determination and I'm so glad we got that to happen for you! Okay, tell me your secret. In this day and age when everyone thinks they have endless options, how did you know he was the one? 

Our relationship has come a far way over the 6 years we have been together. We have grown a lot and we want to continue to grow and continue to love each other for the rest of our lives.



5 ) Boom, Last Question! We all know weddings can be a lot. No matter how much you plan there’s always an unexpected hiccup. Can you tell us about one thing that didn’t go as planned and how you got through it on your wedding day?

There wasn't one thing. Corona happened!!!!!. I left my earrings for both of my looks, my shoes were tight. I missed my flight and had to wait 8 hours for another flight. My boys cried hysterically during our vows because they weren't getting attention. We did not get one decent family photo with the 4 us. We were so happy the day was over and headed straight to our honeymoon like a kite!

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