Color Block Your Outfits For a Fresh New Look

Color Block Your Outfits For a Fresh New Look

We’re all well versed in the art of color-coordinating your outfits so both top and bottom pieces match when paired together. It’s an easy pairing, however, the recent trend of color blocking has also proved to be a chic force when you mix up colors together for a whole new outfit.

Case in point: Check out how our girl Kelsey made a sunny look with a color-blocked mango Muehleder Signature Slashed Sweatshirt and an orange pair of silky trousers.

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Available in Mango, Blush, Blue-Grey

Instead of matching the mango Muehleder Signature Slashed Sweatshirt with a pair of matching pants, Kelsey opted to switch things up. The mango cropped sweatshirt and the high-waisted fringe trousers give off a sunny vibe when pairing these two warm colors. She finished off the look with gold hoop earrings, a gold bangle, a silver choker necklace, a silver belt, and open-toed nude pumps.


With the mixed metals and color-blocked colors, Kelsey has edged up her look. Whether she’s lounging around the house or heading out for happy hour with her besties, she looks chic for either.

Check out her full look in action:

You can recreate her look with the Muehleder Signature Slashed Sweatshirt and pair it with our Signature Scuba Shorts or Signature Leggings to make a color-blocked look of your own.

Shop The Look:
Available in Mango, Blush, Blue-Grey, Black, Green, Red, White

Available in Mango, Blush, Blue-Grey, White, Red, Green, Black


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