What Pandemic? The Cutest Engagement Story You Need To Hear

What Pandemic? The Cutest Engagement Story You Need To Hear

There’s nothing quite like a good love story.

I opened our DMs last week and was delighted to find a big smile paired with an engagement photo and the Cassandra Top! There’s something so beautiful about couples who are getting engaged and even married during this pandemic because they have decided not to let anything get in the way of their love and future. Shanneill’s post was so beautiful that I had to reach out and get all the juicy details. I had a virtual sit-down with the future bride-to-be to discuss her quarantine proposal and her future wedding plans.


1. Tell me a bit about your love story and how you met your now-fiancé.

We actually met at a previous job (that we both quit later), and I was his manager at the time. At first, I thought he was super cocky, but eventually he won me over after trying for a year. Now, the rest is history.


2. That sounds romantic! I saw on IG that you just got engaged, congrats! Can you give us a glimpse into what that day was like when he proposed? Did you have an inkling what was happening?

Thank you! I actually had no idea, or suspected anything! We are currently in the process of buying [a] home so a wedding/ engagement was never in our immediate plans. He flew his family out, under the guise that it was a family vacation to see the fall colors in Colorado, and rented a beautiful cabin in [the] mountains for the week. He originally planned to have a photographer come over to take family pictures, but the photographer cancelled last-minute, due to COVID. This entire time, I still didn’t suspect anything. I usually go with the flow and just try to have a good time.

After the photographer cancelled, we had an impromptu iPhone photoshoot [instead]. There was a small bridge in the backyard, over a stream. We were standing on the bridge, the sun was setting behind us, and as we were having our picture taken by his sister, I turned around and [saw] he was [down] on one knee. He was so nervous, but said the most beautiful things. I said “yes,” and at that moment, my family walked over. He had invited my family to be there for this special moment. It was perfect!!!


3. That’s absolutely precious! When he popped the big question, I noticed you were wearing the Cassandra Top in white. Was that planned?

This was not planned! I originally bought it hoping to wear it for [a] super, special occasion because it is a BEAUTIFUL piece. I unknowingly wore it for my engagement!

4. Wow, that’s amazing! It’s funny how that worked out perfectly! What made you gravitate towards the Cassandra Top when you were searching for a top to buy on our site?

The Cassandra Top was the first piece of clothing I saw from your line, and I fell in love with it immediately!! I had it saved in my cart for two months before I finally decided to buy it. No regrets. I’m actually considering getting it in another color.

5. Obviously, planning a wedding during quarantine and COVID is no easy feat. Do you have any advice for other brides-to-be during this crazy time? And what’s been the best advice you’ve been given?
My advice is to enjoy it. The feeling of being engaged is so surreal, and you will remember this moment for the rest of your life. No need to rush it, just take it all in and enjoy it. The best advice I’ve gotten so far is from one of my best friends, which is to get a wedding planner and have them do all the work lol.
6. That’s good advice, especially considering how chaotic the world’s been, with many people putting their lives on hold since the pandemic began. What has helped you keep going?
My fiancé. There is no one else I would want to be locked up inside with!


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