Aisha Hinds Inspires Through Acting Performance and Fashion

Aisha Hinds Inspires Through Acting Performance and Fashion

Sensational actress Aisha Hinds has been gaining quite some buzz surrounding her role on WGN-TV, where she plays Harriet Tubman on the show Underground.Through her performance as Tubman, viewers are moved to tears by her heart-wrenching, intimate, yet powerful story of her fight for freedom. Once you've seen this episode titled "Minty," the tears won't stop, but be rest assured that these tears are not empty tears. Instead, they are tears of encouragement and motivation; an inspirational reminder to each and every one of us to continue fighting through every difficult aspect of our personal lives.

So, an actress like Aisha who can live out the characteristics of such an impelling historical figure as Harriet Tubman must be pretty fantastic herself, right? That's right, Hinds never leaves the spotlight even when she's off-screen! She continues to slay and inspire all her followers in other ways, and one of them is definitely through sharing her adventurous fashion choices with everyone on her Instagram

Here, she has put together three outfits with one of our new dresses, There She Goes Dress. She accessorizes the dress with a bandana wrapped around her neck and gold jewelry pieces, choosing to leave as is for a chic, confident look, or switching up the outfit by matching it with a green utility jacket and purse for a casual day out.

In her final post, Hinds pairs the There She Goes Dress with a statement voluminous cape that'll be sure to turn heads when she steps out! 

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There She Goes Dress $295.00

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