Actress Diane Guerrero Sizzles With Confidence in Muehleder

Actress Diane Guerrero Sizzles With Confidence in Muehleder

" Let’s stop and reflect about how we choose to spend our time and the outcome of that. Have you made changes in other people’s lives? Have you fought for any inequalities you face regularly? Have you put your voice out there and contributed to a cause you’re passionate about? If you haven’t, that’s okay. But let’s just take a second to learn from the Boss Babe that is inspiring us to do all of this and more.
Diane Guerrero is known to most as Maritza from Orange Is The New Black and Lina from Jane The Virgin. Her quick, spitfire personality not only radiates on TV, but is now transcending off the screen and into her real life — and if this past year is any indicator of what she’s capable of, you better pay attention now. In addition to being a successful working actor, Diane is the author of “In The Country We Love“, a memoir and story about a woman (Diane) whose parents were deported back to Colombia when she was only fourteen years old, and the hardships that come with growing up in this country without your family to lean on. If that wasn’t enough, Diane just announced some pretty major, life-changing news that could start showcasing our country’s horrible immigration policies, in which Diane will single-handedly be responsible for opening our eyes to (you’ll find out below.)
….And I’m proud I did laundry today.
Ladies and gents, get to know the jaw-droppingly beautiful and ambitiously smart, Diane Guerrero, styled by my friend & TTS Boss Babe alum, Laura Zapata. "

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